Wind Blown Erosion Measurement Solutions

We are in full production of the H14-LIN and FP5 Sensors



Sensit company manufacturers the two state-of-the-art, remote site erosion sensors shown below. The model H11-LIN (an industry standard term called; the Sensit since 1981) is vertically mounted above the surface of the ground and is used for mass flux and movement monitoring. The model FP5 flat plate sensor is an extremely sensitive surface movement detector providing data the instant movement occurs. When this data is processed with wind speed data, provides a very accurate method for calculating the threshold of movement (wind speed or stress, U*).

Sensit company started in 1978, is the leader in erosion measurement sensors. Development of these sensors has been provided by the USDA-SBIR (Small Business through Innovative Research) program.

FP5 Storage Case

Model H14-LIN Wind Eroding Mass Flux sensor. A cylindrical crystal is suspended between rubber mounts axially on a 2.54cm diameter stainless steel post. The crystal surface is hardened stainless steel. Data outputs are the number of particle impacts and the kinetic energy of particle impacts. The outputs are TTL/CMOS compatable pulses to be counted by any data logger capable of high speed counting. Power required is 0.84 watts (12V@70ma) power.

NEW! Model FP5 Flat Plate Movement Sensor. The sensor surface is 2.54cm in diameter and extremely sensitive. It also produces a TTL/CMOS compatible pulse for each particle impact. The low power requirement is 0.1023 watts (12V@8.6ma). Six meters of stainless steel flexible conduit shielded cable is included. There are three wires; +12V (red), ground (black) and a particle count output wire (green). There are also included a variety of mounting accessories, 600u and 1,000u glass spheres for testing. A 9V battery and a prewired connector for the battery are supplied so its response can be tested on your desk when it arrives. A detachable wind diffuser is also supplied to help prevent scouring around the sensor in sand. It has a 1/4"-20TPI hole in the bottom for mounting. A variety of stainless steel hardware is also supplied for attachment including a 1/4 inch shaft that screws into the base. This post pushed into the ground keeps the sensor upright.

Each sensor is supplied with a 4GB USB memory stick containing technical manuals. 3.96GB of the memory stick are available and can be conveniently used to download your data logger data in the field. The Sensit files on the device are not protected so you may delete or copy them as you wish. The unique memory stick also helps insure the valuable Sensit data is not confused with other memory devices.