Wind Blown Erosion Measurement Solutions

Sensit is currently reorganizing it's manufacturing facility and will begin production very soon.

We are also designing some new erosion sensor products. Please stay tuned for updates.

And please send us an email if you anticipate ordering in the near future. This will help us

determine  immediate manufacturing requirements to help you receive your Sensit(tm)

erosion sensors as soon as possible. Thank you for your never-ending support and patience.

Sensit has been faithful to it's customers for over 30 years and will continue supplying

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Model H14-LIN

Horizontal Mass Flux Remote Site Field Sensor


The model H14-LIN is vertically mounted above the surface of the ground and is used for mass flux and movement monitoring.


 Model H14-LIN improvements

Programmable Gain: Sensitivity can be increased by 10X externally via data logger or by physically connecting a wire to +12V.
Superior seal: The crystal mounts now extend over the ends of the crystals providing a superior seal and protecting the edges.
Lower power: The new sensor draws 70ma versus the previous 90ma current requirement.
Asymmetrical response: Uniform radial response has now been improved.

No multiple counts: Large energy impacts do NOT produce erroneous multiple counts.


Wiring Color Code
Model Number -


(brown) KE (pseudo mass flux) - pulse
(white) PC (particle counts) - pulse

Pulse Energy Outputs (NEW)

(blue) PHA (energy) - variable pulse height
(green) GAIN - 1X(0V), 10X(+12V).

Power Requirement

(red) Power + 12VDC @ 70ma
(black) Ground

Technical Manual H14-LIN

Model H14-LIN
Complete technical manual including data processing and wriing hookup.