Research Erosion Site Equipment Requirements

This research field site configuration would be suitable for basic wind erosion equation development (WEE). The calculation of U* (Ustar, or friction velocity) requires a minimum of three anemometers. We suggest using four anemometers per site because the probability of one going bad is high.

  • 1ea Sensit eroding mass sensor – (Sensit Company)
  • 3ea anemometer (wind speed sensors) – (RM Young Company)
  • 1ea wind direction sensor – (RM Young Company)
  • 1ea air temperature sensor – (Campbell Scientific)
  • 1ea sand catcher – (Custom Products (Dr. W. Fryrear), Big Spring, TX, USA)
  • 1ea data system – (Campbell Scientific)
  • 1ea tower – (Custom Products (Dr. W. Fryrear), Big Spring, TX, USA)
  • Eroding mass sensor – Model H14-LIN
  • Sensit Inc.
  • 1652 Plum Ln, STE 106,
  • Redlands, CA 92373-4594
  • Phone: 909-793 5816 or 909-289-9177 (cell)
  • Email:
  • Temperature Sensor & Wind direction sensor
  • RM Young Company
  • 2801 Aero Park Drive
  • Traverse City, Michigan 49686
  • Phone: 231-946-3980
  • Fax: 231-946-4772
  • Data Logger – Model CR1000X
  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.
  • 815 West 1800 North
  • Logan, Utah USA 84321-1784
  • Phone: 435-753-2342
  • Fax: 435-750-9540
  • Anemometers – wind speed/direction sensor – RM Young (preferred)
  • Met-One Instruments
  • 1600 Washington Blvd.
  • Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
  • Phone: 541-471-7111
  • Fax: 541-471-7116

Never assume everything will simply work fine. It is a good idea to have recorded (and looked at) test data in the lab before setting up your site in the field. The field environment has few facilities to repair or rebuild. And more often than not, your data acquisition program may need adjustment such as data recording format.
Always have backup anemometers. All anemometer bearings prematurely fail from dust.

Picture of Erosion Site
Middle Taklimakan Desert, CHINA
Notice the Sensit model H11-LIN erosion sensors are mounted at two different heights.